Lately I've grown obsessed with #FF004C(for those that don't speak hexidecimal that's the red background of this site) combined with cyan, and black. The color combination is electric in RGB color space, bold, mysterious, and uniquely mixed. It's an appropriate representation of my creative/professional background as a designer which is unorthodox in its own.

Originally a student of fine arts, I later transitioned to design & development. I’m now a painter that codes HTML&CSS, with an obnoxious habit for pixel & print perfection, and an eye for branding. Simplified, I’m a hybrid designer.
DIMWA(Design, Illustration, Multimedia, Web, Art) is my arena of focus and inspiration for most nocturnal activity. I create shit, I lose myself to music while doing so, and I love vibing with similar minds over the processes and final pieces.
- Tim

P.S. Helvetica is overused. ARS Maquette is a gorgeous alternative.