revealing velvet brazilian
Next stage: reveal and promote the new product through print advertising. First, we began with teaser ads and then more detailed product ads naturally. Without showing the Velvet Brazilian product yet, I wanted the teaser ad to still be representational of the product.
Outre's design team and myself worked closely with talented photographer, Alexandra Leroy. Together we achieved a fashionable and luxurious first impression for Velvet Brazilian's advertising direction. A high contrast black & white photo of the model draped in jewelry, ideal hair fashion, and combined with Velvet Brazilian's monogram designs certainly caught eyes.
Advertisements appear in Black Hair, Hype Hair, and Beauty Times magazines.

Led art direction, branding, logo design, advertising design, photo & video shoot direction

Illustrator, Photoshop
Photography by Alexandra Leroy
Photography by Alexandra Leroy
velvet brazilian product video scenes
Shot, edited, and led video direction for Velvet Brazilian, with Outre's in-house design team. Recorded using Canon XA30 Professional Camcorder.
Video was routinely used as a medium with print to advertise Outre's products, therefore reaching a broader audience. 

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