Obsession #11: Men at Work, featuring Michael Shannon, was my debut issue as a designer for the one of a kind publication. Embracing the role of graphic liaison among the publication’s owners and international community of photographers, I pieced together visually what it meant to be men of various occupations: whether a prolific actor, Spanish flamenco dancer, or veterinarian in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Provided graphic direction, photography, photo retouching, layout, & production management

Indesign, Photoshop
Photography by Matt Gunther
Photography by Jacopo Benassi
Photography by Nicolas Wagner
Photography by Lane Stewart
Photography by Paolo Azarraga
Photography by Olga Vlady
Photography by Daniel Trese
Photography by Jeremy Bernard
Every issue of CRUSHfanzine is released with more than one cover. An additional cover to Obsession #11 was Engine 130 photographed by Patrick Lee, truly capturing the intense and life threatening role of being a fireman in California.

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