New Responsive Outre Dot Com
Outre's previous website was problematic; both in managing the site internally, and engaging the company's target audience externally. The following is an oversimplification, but these were the top 4 objectives to achieve when re–designing and re–developing Outre's website:
1. Correct the misrepresentation of the company brand
2. Provide an engaging user-experience & keep current with Outre's base audience
3. Organize & improve the presentation of Outre's many product lines
4. Merge 2 sites—1 desktop & 1 mobile— into 1 seamless responsive website across devices

Planned & designed user experiences, led art direction & front-end design for desktop & mobile devices, provided photo retouching, produced web media(video), coordinated with partnered web developer JPD Studio

Illustrator, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Wordpress
Outre Website Before
Old Outre Website Example
Outre Website After
Outre New Homepage Menu
Outre New Homepage Search
Outre New Homepage Nav
Outre New Homepage Full
Outre New Innerpage
Outre New Innerpage
Outre New Innerpage
New Outre Responsive Site Devices
wireframing & pre–planning
Of course the new website turned out better than expected do to pre–planning and low fidelity wireframing. This allowed our in–house design team with our partnered web developer: JPD Studio, to plan for better site functionality, organization of content, and a more engaging user–experience.
Outre New Website Wireframes
Outre New Website Wireframes
Outre New Website Wireframes
Outre New Website Wireframes

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