Provided advertising design, in-store signage, & aided in photo shoot direction 

Illustrator, Photoshop
Beauty Time Magazines
Gem Packaging
Gem Ad Shot 01
Gem Ad Shot 02
Gem Ad Shot 03
Gem Ad Shot 04
Gem Ad Shot 05
Gem Ad Shot 06
Gem Ad Shot 07
Gem Ad Shot 08
Gem Ad Shot 09
Gem In-Store Signage
In-store signage; poster ad 23 x 34″, 2015.
Gem Digital Illustration
GEM digital illustration process; graphite & digital.
GEM product video scenes
Shot, edited, and led video direction for GEM, with Outre's in-house design team. Recorded using Canon XA30 Professional Camcorder.
Video was routinely used as a medium with print to advertise Outre's products, therefore reaching a broader audience.
Gem Video Shoot

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