Old packaging. Old Product.
Outre’s older packaging designs for their Velvet line of hair fashion products succeeded in sophistication and worth, but lacked a fresh appeal that felt relevant to an undergrad age demographic. Velvet Brazilian, the newest sub line for Velvet, would remedy the issue.

Led art direction, branding, packaging design, logo design, photo & video shoot direction

Illustrator, Photoshop
Old Velvet Packaging
Old Velvet Logo
New Packaging. New Product.
Key goals to achieve when designing new packaging for the new Velvet product:
1. Modernize the Velvet line, but achieve visual harmony with previous Velvet products by designing within the brand concepts of luxury & sophistication

2. Achieve an expensive visual but simplify the packaging design and display the hair—end-users prefer to see the hair uncovered

3. Design for 2 secondary lines of the Velvet Brazilian product; unify but distinguish the 3 visually when together

4. Make the overall design feel fresh & fashionable
Packaging Structures Full
Velvet Brazilian Front
Packaging Shot 01
Packaging Shot 02
Packaging Shot 03
Packaging Shot 04
Packaging Shot 05
Packaging Shot 06
Packaging Shot 07
Packaging Shot 08
Packaging Shot 09
Packaging Shot 10
Packaging Structure Digital
Packaging Components
Velvet Brazilian Packaging Structure & Components
every design has its beginnings
Early process & bridging concepts.
Velvet Brazilian Concepts 01
Velvet Brazilian Concepts 02
Velvet Brazilian Concepts 03
Velvet Brazilian Concepts 04
Velvet Brazilian Concepts 05
Velvet Brazilian Concepts 06
Velvet Brazilian Concepts 06
V for Velvet Brazilian

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